Corporate PACs fund No on One campaign

Corporate PACs fund No on One campaign

Corporations profiting from seniors losing homes are biggest funders

Campaign finance reports show that the “No on Question One PAC,” the opposition campaign to the universal home care citizen initiative on the ballot this November, is funded almost entirely by corporate political action committees. The largest donors, at $25,000 each in initial disclosures, are the Maine Association of Realtors and the Maine Bankers Association PAC, two lobby groups representing companies that profit from seniors being forced from their homes due to a lack of accessible home care. (1)

Additionally, television advertisement reservation records show that sometime after that finance report, the opposition PAC reserved more than $800,000 in TV time. The ads were placed by SRCP Media, the firm responsible for the infamous “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” commercials in the 2004 presidential election. (2)

In contrast, the committees supporting Question One have been funded entirely by groups representing caregivers, workers and seniors, as well as by more than 3,500 individual Mainers, with an average contribution of just $24.

“We are proud not to have accepted a single dime in corporate PAC money. We are incredibly grateful that thousands of Mainers from across the state have stepped up and given what they can to make sure that seniors and people with disabilities will be able to live with dignity in their own homes,” said Mike Tipping, communications director for Mainers for Home Care. “It’s sickening that corporations profiting off seniors being forced from their homes are spreading lies and trying to prop up a broken system, but we’ve seen grassroots campaigns beat big corporate money many times in Maine and I’m confident voters will do the right thing in November.”